I am the manufacturer of the coil roofing nails

I am the manufacturer of the coil nails. Our main products are: Coil Roofing Nails, Wire Coil Nails and Plastic Strip Nails. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me. I can provide you with the best quality and the competitive price.

My email address: tjjuxiang04@126.com
Skype: dafasav
MSN: dafasav@hotmail.com

Jeff Lee

Are your products American made?

I agree,I have bought coil nails that just would’nt work in my nail guns.

based on the email i would say no

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So, even if I WAS to get some nails from you, what would be the process? I need 3 boxes & you send them directly to my door? All the way from China?

PS: You may not know this, but quality contractors like us require a high % of lead in our coil nails. Be sure to contact PlaySkool, Fisher Price & McDonald’s* to let them know you need them to return some of that lead being used in their products.

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with Timberline Ultra and other high end you should use either stainless roofing coils or at least hot dipped galv. Electro plated will not last.

Stainless coil roofing nails, nice and shiny, they never fail.
~$200 for a half box, 3,600 nails…