I caught a guy in my dumpster

He was taking all of the aluminum gutters and old drip edges. I was actually thinking about replacing all of my soffits, J-channel, and fascia covers. Is it worth the time to take them to the recycle center myself. I’m not sure what aluminum is worth by the pound. How much do you think I can get?

some people make a living at it…i dont let my guys “scrap” beacuse im not paying them to sort through garbage to make them money.

Aluminum probably isn’t worth it. Scrap copper on the other hand is good money!

we save all copper, lead coated,lead, and aluminum. on a rain day we cash it in and everyone in the company gets a cut.

ditto rooferj


48 lbs. of aluminum cans paid me $ 28.80… what do you think you’ve got in gutters?

That was 3 full trash bags worth (Glad Force Flex 30 gal. size, BTW).