I desperately need advice!

My boyfriend is a commercial sub contractor. He finished one job and the general contractor is not paying him the remainder due upon completion. Also, the job he is on now hasn’t even paid him the 1/2 down that was stated on the contract. We’ve tried to reach both of these men but they keep saying when they get paid, we’ll get paid. We can NOT afford this right now with the economy going to crap and it makes it harder jobs are scarce in Michigan. Any advice is greatly appreciated. It may just put some food on our dinner table. Thank you


Jobs that do not pay are plentiful in any economy.

Why did you start the job when the first item is not followed.

I no longer operate a bank. I get paid as I go. Unless I agree before we start the work. That way I can add the extra money to cover the time I have to wait for my money.

I know this does not help you at the present time.

on the job he is currently on…immediatley stop work!!!. if the work doesnt get done, the GC doesnt get paid. tell him that. you will see some cash pretty quick.

Did you sign a contract with the GC? WHo is the GC any way im just curious? Is the work being completed in a timly manor? Sadly in Michigan this is a normal thing when GC’s think they can do whatever they want. Im sure your boyfriend is doing a good job and should be paid. Now if im not mistaken and G-Tape could back me up on this, withoit a contract you can not really do much. I hope for your sake you have a contract with this GC because if you do then leins can be put on his property and so on. If you do have a contract i would wait before hitting the panic button on leins and stuff. Since there are not alot of guys with work at this time of the year. I would try and reason with him and try and get something. I hope things work out.

Yes he does have a contract with this guy and we have the complaint papers to put a freeze on his liscense but we want the money. Whats a good way to go about getting the money rather than having to file a claim?

aside from putting a lien on his stuff there is really no way of making him pay that i know of legally. Thats basically only thing i know of that you can do. If he is not paying maybe it is time for finding another guy to work for. Normally when this sort of thing happens it has to go to court. Let him know that you are going to file with the state and local governments and you are going to sue him. This can get you the money but finding work will be his only way out from there. Not to many people will let you work for them if you are in a legal battle. Plus his name will be just as bashed when it comes to ref’s. Altho slander is illegal but hey hes not following the legal way anyway. This sort of thing is sad to hear around the holidays. I would let him know that you are going to follow the legal action if not paid in full by a certain date. My question is if he is not paying why are you still working for him?

We are not still working for him. We did one job and now he has stiffed us

learn from your mistakes,its called doing business

Well then put a mechanics lein on the property in lue of payment if you have a contract. And by letting the owners of the company know what had happened maybe they will be able to change the mind of the owners. Also let the state know about this.

Make sure you file a Notice to owner on the job to set yourself up to file a lien if the Contractor does not pay you. Second walk off the job until you get the required 50% upfront.

WOndering if you have gotten anywhere with this situation?

There’s always the ‘good ol’ boy method… large exposed roof on a remod or taking the new roof back to its start before money was an issue…lol