I do xactimates cheap

I am trying to get some extra business with my xactimate program. I am doing xactimates for super cheap completed with your company logo…NOT the Bare Bones deal… feel free to email me at xactimates19@gmail.com

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Spam. Reported as such. Go away please.

I’m in treated I’m fighting with all state on a roof that they continue to lie on.they are very bold on this and are going to finally send another adjuster out next Tuesday. This is such a joke but they are trying anything to control loss severity it’s almost funny .the claim is going to jump about 4 or 5 thousand dollars and the idiot from Iowa. That has threatened me talked down to me and a customer. I’ve got at least 5 lies documented .what is the average price on pitch over an 8 and for stories over the first .because this guy is trying to pay less for a 10/12and two story .than a walk on across the street.I just did this guy is saying he’s using eagle view and he’s 8 Sq under the sqft.he telling me that it allows for starter and Ridge. He’s told me this 3 times and this last time I got back up on roof and took pics of my tape and numbers . He agreed that the first was wrong well he settled and said he sent 1200 supplement. Of course I laughed so hard .these guys are so arrogant I’d love for him to get out of his office and see himore get up on this roof with me and measure it that would be nice.when can I bill them for my time he’s wasting and I hope my client sues him and all state

Sorry about that but I’m pist at all state how can this living cheating fraudulent Co. Even be in business anymore my email is cccontracting21@gmail.com contact me and see if we can work something out .anyone know a good public adjuster in mo