I Give It Five Years

Until GAF shingles are causing as many people headaches as the old CertainTeed Organics did.

I LOVE bidding against guys who push GAF and are Certified by them (so are we but won’t put them on). I have a GAF shingle in my truck with me. All you need to do is pull it out, show it side by side with the CertainTeed landmarks and ask the person what shingle they think will perform better and longer.

I cannot believe the new Timberline HD. Almost 200# a square now. There is about an inch wide line nearly an inch over the nail line with absolutely no granules, just the mat. Anyone else see that?

I have not installed any Timberlines for about 1-1/2 years.Same with O.C’s.,I think both have really lost some quality.,but that is my opinion.

recommend the best shingle to use cause i agree on the timbers the quality control guy must be on vacation

certainteed only gaf is never going to be the same always sold certainteed

i have seen that im told they removed the granuals so the shingles sit better in the package funny hey