I got a roof! :P

I know some of you guys couldn’t care less about me and may have a bad opinion of me, anyway! I have been doing maintainance work on a popular chain of gas stations, anyway! I got to do my boss man a huge favor and roof his new home. I haven’t been roofing In a few monthes, but I had a little helper to tote for me and I had to help him tote, lmao, anyway. It was only 26 sqaure, ridge and all. Needless to say it whooped my butt. I’m so out of shape lol. Roofing is a real man’s job, and I’m proud to know the trade. I thank God for the job I have now, steady steady steady income. I hope roofing has picked up for you guys.

Glad to hear it hatchet!

picked up?
waitin on
gov rebate check.

hell, i like bush.
he does give me cash.