I have 5000 dollars to spend on advertising

Hey guys. I have 5000 dollars to spend on some sort of advertising. What can I afford with such little money?

Any advice be great. Happy roofing guys.

I’d do some serious dot-comming of my competitor’s names to see if they’re available. Especially the ones that went under already. Direct redirects into your site which is part of SEO.

Buy yourself something cool and then go knock doors for 3 hours and get more leads than 50k in ads will generate. True story

Just give me $4,500 and I will tell everyone about how wonderful you are.

Very funny. :lol:

lol, that’s the buy-in for a USARC membership, where tell tell other people that follow them on facebook how upstanding you are not for profit

100 bandit signs and keep the rest for a rainy day.