I have a ridge vent and soffit vents and still get condensation

I have vaulted ceilings no attic with a ridge vent and 4" round soffit vents but still get condensation. Help please I don’t know what to do to fix this problem


The channels from the soffit to the ridge are likely blocked by insulation.

Either that or it is just too long of a run from the soffit to the ridge, how far is it from the eaves to the ridge?

It’s about 30 feet. I removed a couple can lights to see in there and there is insulation in there

You are not going to be able to get the roof to breath as it is and to fix it requires going in through the roof or the ceiling.

Spray foam insulation between the existing rafters and a cold roof will fix this issue.

So are you saying I should remove all the bat insulation?

Is there a foam baffle bewtween the insulation and the bottom of the roof deck?

Yes there is foam baffle

30’ is too long of a run for the baffles to work right, many are likely collapsed as well.

Wait, wait!
Try Adding some soffit holes first please.
Your holes might be the three inch.
Check first.
They make a drill bit for it.
And easy to install covers.
You just might need to cover the old holes too to make it all match.
Many of the old screens are probably messed up anyway.

That was kinda my plan I have 4" holes and just ordered more I just have my doubts it will work but will try it first

I really think it is going to solve it.
You will confirm it once it gets hot again next august.
The condensation is mostly going to stop now on its own since it is now cooling down.

We only get the condensation when there is snow on the roof

We took all the deck off a home and installed rigid foam boards with 1" spacers to fix this issue.

We left the existing insulation in place and added more as needed.


Looks like a fun rotted osb mess

If you only have the issue in winter, you may want to check your insulation… the most roof leak calls I get are generally the first few warm days after a cold spell (like single digits- teens). Funny thing is it hasn’t rained or snowed for sometimes weeks but I’ll get flooded with roof leak calls that first warm day. If you have insulation problems the heat escapes living space into attic. Then creates little condensation ice drops. Usually visible on the nails penetrating sheeting directly above the insulation problem area.

There is no attic its vaulted ceilings not sure if that changes anything?

Axiom. What type of ridge vent did you use?

Can lights are notorious for allowing moist warm air into that air cavity. If it’s connected to kitchen in an open floor plan it’s a double whammy.


ShingleventII, it comes in 4’ pieces.

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Rooferohio any suggestions?