I"M TAKING FREE SALES ADVICE Who should I work for?

Salesman from Denton, Tx taking any advice on good companies to work for in the U.S. I’m looking for a national restoration company that can offer year round opportunity. I’d like to talk to a sales pro also, if any was has time for me to pick their brain for a while. My address is markfine2006@yahoo.com

sounds like a job for gtp…im sure he is already all over it.

Markfine - sent you an email. Let me know if I can assist you.

Tim got this one before i got a chance. Go get em tim.

Everyone can help !!

Tim, I sent you an email! Yes everyone can help!

I got it but don’t understand what you are looking for. Prices for our area won’t do you much help in Texas. Companies to work for ? In your area ?

Here is your email -
Well, I was wanting to get an idea of what shingles roofs were selling for:
1 layer tear off w/ 20 year
1 layer w/30 year
I’m just trying to get a general idea of what to expect in varied areas of the U.S. I have only sold roofs in Texas where the hispanic population keep the price extremely low. Or, at least I think it’s low. To be competitive on price in Denton, Tx, you can only get around $115-120/sq. 20 year and around $135-140 for 30 year. What are insurance company’s paying? Who would be good company’s to work for? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

Your ?'s are very broad.

All feel free to jump in !!

I’m thinking of relocating, that’ why I’m asking about prices around the nation and good companies to work for. I thought the questions were pretty straight forward.

Don’t come to Michigan is what I can tell you. Economy sucks and jobs are far and few these days. Roofing is really slow… There - I answered about our state.

Markfine, I don’t really think it’s the “hispanic” population that’s keeping prices low. “Hispanic” roofers (labor) is in Florida, but the starting cost per square (retail, non insurance paid) is around $ 165.00 per square (Gweedo can confirm or deny this figure).

What will drive prices low in Texas is the lack of a requirement for workman’s comp, no requirement for state licensure, etc.

I’m down in Austin & prices are similar to what you’re reporting & I’m about as busy as a cat covering… but then I’m a one man show: sales, service & contracting. I sell it & supervise / assist on my own jobs. I’m not saying anything negative about you, however if all I was soing was selling the job, then I might not be as into the quality control aspect of the project & couldn’t reliably stand behind my work. Granted, I do have a job foreman who I trust… but again, I demand more out of myself to where I need to be onsite 90% of the time (especially on the tearoff & work around any turnback, chimneys or other flashing concerns. ASk today’s customer (26 squares, 2/3 square dead valley, split 36’ of ridge vent) & he’ll tell you I was slinging shingles to the nailers & running the nail bar through the bushes myself.

I used to sell for a somewhat larger co. here in the area but found that I wasn’t making as much money & had to cut the level of service & products that I could provide to my customers.

i own companies in the south and midwest i work year around
we have talked i believe i just got to columbus ohio they are geting
200 on three tabs and 235 on thirty year that is about as good as it gets
in the south you are lucky to get 170 though i mostly do big commercial
built up there

if im not mistaken from the #'s i see on here…the farther north you go the price per square seems to get higher.

Re: Further North >>> More $$

Is this due to a higher concentration of union roofers?


More variables than just union roofers.

But you have to stop at the Michigan state line. :smiley:

Tell me about it dennis

im not union, and i dont think there are hardly any union companies within 40 miles of me…and i get double the prices you guys in the south are always talking. it might have to do with less illegal aliens too.

perhaps due to insurance , as well as workers comp. I know these aren’t nearly as stringet up north as they are down in hurricane alley . In fact I believe the rate in N.J. is only 15% in comp while FL. is what 40% .