I need advice re: fascia and soffit

We got some carpenter ants in the kitchen. A house inspector told us that part of the fascia (that is covered with aluminum) is rotten and the ants probably come from the rotten wood above, as I see them climbing the wall outside and getting in through a gap in the aluminum soffit. My roof is only 2 years old and is in very good shape.
What is my best solution to avoid ants in the future?
Pest control companies will only spray and dust and will not repair the rotten wood.

  1. Replace ALL wooden fascia and soffit and cover it again with aluminum
  2. Replace all wooden fascia and soffit and not cover them again
  3. Replace only the rotten parts of wood and use the same aluminum cover
  4. Any other long lasting solution?

fashia shouldnt be gettin wet.
may have problem with roof.
you need to look at the sophit area when its raining.
see if drips are coming in from behind the fasha cover.
if so then the edge of your roof is lettin water in.

yes the carpenter ants go were the wet wood is.


  1. Call exterminator

  2. Find out why the wood is wet.

Like Gweedo said, wet wood will attract carpenter ants.

You need to determine if the rot is old, and not advancing, or current and wet.

If the former, try repairing the rotted wood and as you do so, you will be able to determine the extent of replacement necessary. It can be recovered easily.

If it’s getting wet, you likely have a roof leak, or leaks which need addressing first.