I need help on sales

I need help on selling roofs. I am a new company so i don’t have pics. or references yet i need to know what to say when i go knocking doors and a great cheap way to advertise. if it would be easier to call please do (816)419-7750 thanks rich

  1. Prior to signing up for a BBS account on this site & posting your questions, what is your experience in roofing?

I have 3 years just res. roofing and 4 years remodeling (better homes and garden stuff) and i’ve done sales hard sales for 2 years

Hey Rich,

Some of the companies in our area print up a one page flyer and drive around putting them into mail boxes. Very cheap and effective.

As fas as references, can your old employer/employers give one out?

Good luck,



I was going to post the same thing.