I need help with Ugly Roof

I need some help. We just got a brand new roof and my better half choose the shingle color and the roof looks awful. It looks so bad that we hate coming home in day ligjt. We try to come home when it is dark so we don’t see it. What can I do to fix this? The roof needs to go but I am afraid I will have to pay out of pocket. What options are out there for chosing wrong color shingles?
To make a long story short we had another roof installed before this one. The roof was amazing but we discovered the shingles were bad and the shingle company replaced the roof. We were going to go with what we had but my partner changed the color. It is hard to look at the roof and remembet how amazing it was. It is kind of like imagining some of the theaterx ripping out the luxury lounger seats and going back to the old small broken seats.

Oh this is no big deal! Just slap some paint on there and you’ll be good! Make sure to reapply every six months or so.

But seriously, I don’t think there is much you can do without replacing at this point.

This is a pretty silly question. Yes your only option is to replace your roof or replace everything else to something that matches your roof better. Of coarse it would cost you out of pocket, who else do you think should pick up the bill? But how bad does it really look? Post a pic. I imagine it just looks so bad to you cause you are dewling on it.


I have only had this happen one time.
Thank you God.

She caught it after we installed about 4 sq.
She picked the color and it was written down
But she said it was the wrong color.

The debacle only cost me about 400 total to fix.
Super happy customer!
But when i went to present the extra 400 bill
She flipped out.
She pointed to the bottom of my contract
Where it said “paid upon time of completion
And your complete satisfaction”
I literally cried in front of her
I had never had a customer claim to be unsatisfied.
I give my all on all jobs.
Draw blood on most jobs.
Im there from start to finish.
I told her it was ok.
And i forgive her.
And that her satisfaction was of highest importance.
And made her say to me that she was happy again because i waived the 400 bill.
Months later she did mail the money and wrote a nice letter.

But Now i only write
“To be paid upon time of completion.”

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Not much you can do to change the color without replacing the roof. Upload a picture and maybe someone can come up with a practical idea to help you out, other than starting from scratch.

Customer chose Elk, P1, Wedgewood. I’ll never forget pulling up to the house to get paid. There by the mailbox was the smiling husband holding a crying wife. It looked like the Smurfs had moved in the neighborhood. I told them several times, I would highly recommend another color. I drove by about 10yrs later and for some strange reason, that shingle had mildew all over it.

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I remember a guy who wanted a blue shingle. Our Sales Rep told me, I asked him to take me to the contract and shingle selection meeting. I asked the guy if he was planning on living in the house the rest of his life or if he thought he might buy a different house in the next five years. He said he anticipated moving within 5 years.

I simply told him “When you sell the house, you’ve limited your market to people who want a house with a blue roof. That’s a very small market in this type of neighborhood.” The guy thought a second, then replied “I’ll go with Weathered Wood.” True story.


Thank you. I think I am going to have to start from scratch. The roof does not match the house. Does anyone know a great roofer?

Thank you. Is it hard to paint shingles?

Blue shingles? I think that would look better than what we have.

It does look bad. I know I will have to pay out of pocket. I was hoping for some advice and to see if anyone else has been in this situation.

Authentic Dad, I give that same advice to people that want to pick a green shingle. You eliminate a large percent of people who would consider buying your home. If they don’t plan on selling, it’s a different deal.

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If you hate the color and you are planning to replace it, why not experiment with something. I don’t know what color it is, but you might try using pool shock and see if it would bleach out the ceramic coating on the granules. Just thinking. If your plan is to replace it, you got nothing to lose, but some bushes.

Oh please do post a picture and tell us what shingle you used. If you have a painted house, could you change the house color and make the roof work? It is the roof itself, or that it is a terrible match, or both? If it were a good match to the body of the house, would you still hate it? Maybe you should reserve some judgement until after the initial shock of something new that isn’t exactly what you had in mind passes.

If the roofers did a decent job, you just don’t like the colour… Sounds to me like you already know a good roofer.

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Thank you. That is great advice I will give it a try.

The house is brick and the roof does not match. If the house was light gray brick it might work.

I do. I am just seeing what is out there and what options if any that will not cost to much. The roofer we used is great.

I am feeling so teased without a picture…
May we get a picture please?
Make sure the sun is behind your back.
Thank you!

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When it stops raining I will take a picture.