I need roofer advice!

My roof suffered hail damage this summer as well as hundreds of others in our hot desert southwest city. I have received three estimates ranging from one at $10,000 plus extras to the other two at $6,300 and $6,600 and waiting on the fourth. My problem is deciding which one (all BBB members) to give my business too as they have different ideas in solving my leak problems centered on two swamp coolers and a kitchen and laundry vent.

My roof is two large pitched shingled areas connected by a 30 foot valley (like an M). When it rains water tends to settle in the valley which has caused a major leak around the kitchen vent. The $10,000 roofer said the roof has a visible “soft spotâ€Â

if you have a huge dead valley in the middle of your
structure that, has tons of water dumping into it, has
always leaked, water ponds in it,

uh, cricket, hello.

diamond shaped cricket sloping both directions.

and mr ten grand should be doing that.
not the 6300 dollar sole prepriator.


Even by installing the cricket in the deadened valley, the soft wood issue still meeds to be addressed.

No to the 90 #.

Repair the decking.

Replace wet/moldy insulation.

Install a cricket, also known as a saddle to redirect the water to the outlet locations.

Install Grace Ice and Water Shield over the entire cricket/saddle.

Create a significant enough pitch to ensure the water flows.

Check out any contractors framing experience forst. That will be the most important part of the first step to a solution.

The BBB does not mean chit. What good is a BBB member with a 10 year guarantee that leaves the area in one year and/or changes names or ownership?


I’m not a member of the BBB although they call weekly to try to get me to join.

$480 to spend on it and I’m swamped with little to no advertising.

A few years ago I joined and cancelled after realizing that I paid the same running solo as a roofing company with a hundred crews.

I’m not a member of the BBB although they call weekly to try to get me to join.

$480 to spend on it and I’m swamped with little to no advertising.

A few years ago I joined and cancelled after realizing that I paid the same running solo as a roofing company with a hundred crews.

I’m not a member of the BBB although they call weekly to try to get me to join.

$480 to spend on it and I’m swamped with little to no advertising.

A few years ago I joined and cancelled after realizing that I paid the same running solo as a roofing company with a hundred crews.

i agree with the diamond shape cricket. i just did one last week. the guy that says his warranty is 30 years…who says he will be in business or even alive in 30 years, and if he is he’ll probably be too old to go on your roof. no, no , no to roofing cement. i never use it unless someone wants a temporary band aid (which it is).

Say, dougger222… have you ever considered joining the BBB?

Photos would be nice, especially of the swamp cooler area.

I like SOME of what your lower priced guy is offering, but also agree on the cricket.

All of them should have allowances for ‘hidden / as we find it’ damage because there really is no way to do an MRI* of your roof.

I also agree that BBB membership can be a false sense of security. Even if a co. is NOT a member, they can still have negative reviews or outstanding / unresolved complaints against them on file with the BBB.

Waranties are only as good as the person behind them & really it’s the method of how the work is done (as well as WHAT work is done) that makes the roof, not the paperwork. I can guarantee you that if someone has been in business for 20 years & intends to retire in the next 6 months they won’t be telling you as they inspect the house that “Oh, by the way… I’m going to close shop & go fishing every day.”

(*MRI 'cause you get views in multiple layers or slices vs. an X ray which only gives you one image)



Depending on the pitch of the dead valley, you could install epdm to the cricket area. We do that to problematic low sloped areas(dead valleys).


You could use EPDM in the problematic area. Have the roofer install a cricket then put rubber on it. Run the rubber up the steeper slope by at least 3 feet,install I&W to the top of the rubber covering it by at least 1 foot.
I have installed many roofs where snow sits in these areas for seven months with no problems.


Hi, I’d like to help but I’m having trouble on a visual. Also “swamp cooler” must be a local term, I’ve roofed in the SW and never heard it. If you post a pic or two I’d be able to offer some advice.

Sorry I have taken so long to respond back…I work at the county hospital and it is a very busy place. Please keep the advice coming as I will take it all in consideration. I hear what you are saying about the BBB but how can the average guy or gal select a decent roofer? Several companies I have called, that friends have recommended, are so backlogged they won’t even be giving estimates until March of 2008.

I have posted these photos (don’t make fun of my patch job :roll: ) to help Ranch Hand and Tar Monkey and anyone else a better perspective of my roof. I also put up a photo of the Swamp coolers AKA evaporated air conditions which you will notice when emptied at the end of the season leach salt on the shingles…usually I wash it off but since a new roof is in order I did not waste the water. By the way the $10,000 roofer and the $6700 roofer hand nail their jobs whereas the $6,300 roofer who wants to put in the cricket uses a nail gun…is that something to consider? Also the house is 37 years old and I believe it has only been re-roofed once before.


As for applying rubber on the cricket, it will dry rot in a couple of years Here in west Texas we have over 300 days of sunshine a year with very hot summers (with little or no humidity) and mild, dry winters. Our average annual rainfall is only about 8 inches but with intense summer monsoons…like last years over 15 inches of rain fell in a week :shock: , overflowing all the flood-control reservoirs and causing major flooding city-wide. It seems our weather pattern is changing…more rain, more over 50 miles an hour winds and larger hailstones.

Luckily, my insurance company will foot three quarters of the bill…so it’s not about the money (I also believe that hardworking tradesmen deserve a decent wage for a job done correctly…or maybe it has something to do with being a farmers daughter :slight_smile: )…or as Ranch Hand says “Do it right the 1st time & there won’t be a 2nd time.â€Â







Man that’s an ugly design!

If possible I would pull up the deck the whole length of the dead valley and run some PVC pipe under it with intent of installing 2 evenly spaced roof drains. Then do a 3 ply torch applied modified system. The idea here is to create better drainage toward the middle of the dead valley and have the PVC pipe drain it at either end of the deck.

If that is not possible then I would do as others here suggested and build a diamond shaped cricket in there to at least help the water run off better. After the cricket is build your first choice is copper pans, if that is too pricey do the torch applied 3 ply.

The locals should know how to best handle the “water coolers”. I’ve done them before, they are a pain because you need to jack them up one side at a time but aren’t anything special.

Those two big azz vents in the dead valley should be re-routed if at all possible too. They will always be a potential leak in an area handling that much water no matter the application.


Not one but two vents in the gulley!

It would be easy to build the cricket on the one side but the side with all the pipes would take some time.

Agree the two pipes should be moved.

If a cricket is made the other pipes may have to moved as well depending upon were the valleys will go.

Get all the decking in the “new” area removed, then relo the vent tubes through the new roof deck (ceretainly looks like you have enough pipe to go 'round, that’s for sure).

Have the swamp cooler re-routed to the center of the new cricket slope & have it all re-shingled.

As for insurance, if it were my job to bid I’d get insurance to comp the CORRECT value for what is presently there; it shouldn’t be their responsibility for the upgrades unless there is a requirement in the new process that is code mandated.

PS: Where in “West Texas” are you? By your description & the photos, I’m thinking the El Paso area; probably not Laredo (but I could be wrong). I don’t recall Laredo having the mountains like you’re showing in those photos.