I need some advice

I’m looking to get someone to wrap my fascia & soffit in aluminim & vinyl. Most of my fascia has seamless gutters already installed, except for the gable end of my house which is just uncovered wood.

I’ve had 4 people look at it and give me 4 different opinions. One said I didn’t need to wrap the fascia with gutters already there. Another has said the gutters would need to come down and be reinstalled after the fascia is wrapped in aluminum. The third said they would loosen the gutters and slide the aluminum underneath and reattach the gutter after the aluminum is attached. The last person said he would not remove the gutters, because they are difficult to reattach without damaging, but would slide aluminum underneath the gutter from the bottom and then slide an overlapping piece underneath from the top.

The last approach seems like it my be a problem to be but I’m no expert. If someone can give me some advice, I would appreciate it.


One way is slide aluminum under and up to hangers of gutters then put drip edge on eaves covering gutters.

I would hire the guy that is willing to take the gutters down and re-install them after the capping is done.

The guy who will take down the gutters and then reinstall them gets my vote.

Thanks for the replies. I was more concerned that one of them said it would be hard to take the gutters down and reinstall them without damaging them. Of course this is the guy who is wanting to slide the metal underneath them from the top and bottom. He is also the cheapest. The guy who will completely remove them is twice that with the other guy being right in the middle. The one who didn’t think I should wrap the fascia was 4 times the most expensive one and I can’t figure that out.


How long have the gutters been up?

I’m not sure but I would guess 8-10 years.

he was 4 times as much because he didn’t want to do it but if you were willing to pay that much he would.

guy # 2