I need website or information on damaged Wood Shakes

I am looking for info on damaged wood shakes such as what the insurance companies are looking for, photos of damage, how to tell hail damage etc…

If you have any suggestions let me know.




Off course photograph, but they itself goes there and check itself, just checking that the person don’t bluff for the sake of insurance.

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If its a Libberty Muttual <<<(SP for a reason) claim you better have an engineer to confirm hail damage. Without that you wont get it paid for unless the shakes are actually missing.

Another option, if the roof is OLD and badly deteriorated, you might get it paid for due to “unrepairable condition” however remember that most wood roofs are ACV now so if you say the roof is 20+ years old prepare for 50% deprecation.

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If you are looking for a guide or standard to use for wood shakes, then, look up Haag Engineering and their website.


They sell a set of three different books that depict wind and hail damage to roofs made from wood,comp and tile for $75.00.

While these are guides, they are well written and illustrated and give you an insight as to various types of damage that may be found on a roof.