I started supplying bins now

I’ve been working with the same bin guy for a long time.
I’ve bought some bins for my own use for my jobs. Saves me money in the long run.

I’m going to start offering my bin services to other companies now. My bins don’t have any signage so it works for other roofing companies and Reno companies.

So now I have fifteen bins. see hoe this new venture works out. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

Good idea. What size are your bins? What are you charging to drop and pull plus per ton? We used to pay $225 for 12yds containers including delivery and pickup.

Various sizes. Need all the sizes.
I do cedar shake conversions. So I need the big ones. I prefer to use two small bins for cedar shake rather than use one giant bin.

We usually thro the garbage off onto safer areas anyway and throwing the cedar shakes into the tall bins is a huge pain. That’s why I prefer the shorter ones. Easier to throw the waste into the bin from eye level.

I noticed some company’s had there own bins. But they don’t rent them out. They use them for themselves.

But why lose out on money when I can help out some other fellow roofers with a good price. Keeps the driver busy and with lots of work.

So I rent them to other roofing company’s aswell. Constructions company’s ect. Good deals.

And it saves me money on my own roofs.