I used silicone to patch my roof...am I screwed?

I re-roofed my house this past Saturday (shingled over existing shingles). 1 of my buddies with some roofing experience had me buy and use 100% silicone instead of the typical roofing tar for around my metal vents, rubber boots and skylights :? (small, square ranch home)

Now we are getting heavy rains and I am skeered it is gonna leak :shock:

Any1 heard of using silicone on an asphalt shingled roof??

Do I need to go back up there and scrape it all out and apply tar with a caulk gun? It is in full sun from 11 a.m. until sundown.

If I NEED to do this, what is the fastest way to scrape it all out?

Thanks! — art.

Your roof will be fine.

Silicone or tar does not work on rubber flashings…when it dries it seperates.

As mentioned, it will work for a while.

Eventually it will pull away from any contact with the asphalt shingles, as silicone and asphalt are not compatible.

Don’t be too concerned about it immediately, just put it on your “to-do” list to fix later.

Any caulking in direct contact with the asphalt shingles needs to be compatible…tar, or sbs, some polyeurethanes work too.

Why is silicone not compatible? What arethe adverse effects?

there is one reason (if true).

there is another reason (if true).

each would lead to gaps that water can run into.

i bought another tube of silicone and filled several gaps i found. i will check it once a week for the rest of the warm season, then check again in the late winter.

tx for the advice & opinions fellas!

I replaced some shingles that a homeowner sealed with silicone. Bonded real well. Serious

they even tell ya on 5n1’s (plumbing flashings) DO NOT USE TAR.

if your buddy was any good @ roofing he wouldnt need any caulking or karnak in a tube, especially on a go over. youll be allright, dont worry about it.

Ok, but silicone bonds to just about anything… except silicone. :slight_smile:

Silicone is fine.

doesnt matter if it works or not.
leave it the hell alone till it leaks.