I want to be prepared before talking to my contractor

I just had a roof put on and to the novice it looks good visually. I am concerned because they had to hurry to beat the rain so of what I can see from the ground, I am worried a little bit. Let me know what you think:

  1. On the one part of the roof I can reach there is a corner spot where there is one shingle. It is nailed at the top, and the top only. If the wind hit it right the shingle could fly up, but I suppose not off. I seem to recall that the old roof was secure in that spot on the bottom of the shingle too. This is near the gutter that it could fly up. There is also a nail in the same area that missed the shingle and is exposed.

  2. We also have the timbertex ridge, and a couple of them so not look like they are nailed as well as the others. Could that cause a problem?

I am so clueless that this could be a non issue or huge, I have no idea. It is not fun to be so in the dark about how it should look.

just ask your roofer the same way you asked us.
sounds like its somethin they can easily fix.
there should be no loose flapin shingles after a day or two of sun
to stick them down.
after that there should be no shingles liftable. buckled up, etc.