I was given a qoute

Is this the average range of a 50sq. roof.

50 sq.

Its 1 layer tear off.

Some valleys.

Part of the roof is like a spiral, maybe 2sq…

I got a qoute for 19,500.00… I live in West Warwick,RI

If your talking about a cone shapped turret then yes they are easy 10 times the cost to get them done properly. Honestly that is not a bad price concidering the turret. Yes it is small and only 2 squares. I would charge you around 2500 a square just for the turret. You are only at 390 a square for the whole job and thats normal with a home with a turret. To give me a better idea why dont you put up some pictures so i can properly advise you.

I don’t have a digital camera. Its not straight roofing, its not just front and back like a typical ranch, its a little bit more difficult then that. Yes thats what I was talking about, its like a upside down cone.

get 2 more quotes from reputable roofing companies and see what they are.

im on the North Shore of Mass. and I had a job like what you say (50 squares with a turret) but higher off the ground for $30,000 so that sounds like a good ballpark, since I had a lot of copper specs in mine. Get other estimates and LISTEN TO THE ROOFERS, don’t just go with the best price. Remember, a job that costs a lot to do costs a lot to repair when not done right.

I agree with the previous posts, sounds like a fair price considering the size and scope of work. Get more estimates and throw the lowest out(especially if it is significantly lower) check ins. certificates(call ins. co’s to verify who’s covered) ask for references and make an informed decision.Also make sure there is a specification to solder all flashings.

Is it really necessary to solder all flashings on all roofs? Using basic laws of physics, I can definitely make any roof not leak without soldering a thing. I’m not putting you down, but it is definitely need for discussion. How much time are we looking for here? If I’m installing copper, then the lifespan is quite a bit, but when installing with shingles, well why? I have done it. And its a legitimate selling point. The copper simply doesnt corrode and can be re-used. Non-ferrous equals non-corrosive.

Due to expansion and contraction, I most definitely would not solder step flashings for example. Even if they were non-corrosive metals, copper is known to expand and contract quite a bit. The correct overlay of each individual piece on any given roof is all that matters, second to the life-cycle of the material given.

I agree with the three reputable roofing bid notion.

if its new work. sounds ok.
if its a reroof. sounds to cheap, double check reputation.