IB Roofing Systems on RV's

I have a 39’ foot RV in Ellijay, GA and it has the standard rubber roofing on it and I am looking for something like the IB or foam system to put on it. (The RV is sitting on property and can not be moved so I can’t take it to an RV dealer for roofing.) I hear that it is much better roofing than the EPDM roof. I have another RV that is sitting in my side yard and the hurricanes of 2004 really ripped the roof and have completely destroyed the inside so I want a better roofing system on my 39’ in Ellijay. Does anyone have suggestions or comments. And can an IB or foam system be put on an RV?

I would suggest a polyurea waterproofing membrane, if youre not looking for insulating value.

Is there anything online about the Polyuretha ?


IB would work fine on your trailer. Put it over 1 1/2" of iso board. Will be easier to cool. Will also quiet the trailer in the rain.

I dunno about polyurethra, but there is tons on polyurea.

To Bartsmama14:

Yes, the IB roof will be perfect for your RV.
It actually is a waterproofing membrane, unless me and AaronB mean different things.
Anyway… when you have it installed, make sure the guys put a so called “half-sheet” around the perimeter for the wind uplift. Half sheet is a 3’ roll vs. a 6’ full-roll.
also, go with mechanically attached install, not the fully adhered (you’ve seen one of those fly off already).

Good luck.