Ice and water gap in valley

Originally we was doing ice and water in sections on a 14/12 pitched roof that is about 25 feet long. Well my dad decided he did not like that so decided to the middle 12 feet that we had left in one section.
Well now most of the section did not lay perfectly in the valley so in some spot it a very small gap in other it is maybe 1/4" to maybe 1/2 gap" Well the top half and bottom half of the valley are a nice sharp crease but the middle section is not. I knew in two parts it would do this because of the uneven valley. That is why I wanted sections instead. More easy to work and a raise in the valley would not throw everything off.
I am little worried the open valley metal or the closed type (have not decided yet) wont lay nice. (have not decided yet). Also dont want the ice and water to get broken.

Anyone ever correct it by just cutting down the middle and adding half width runs part to cover it up or tar the cut section in?
I can not really replace the section without removing a bunch of plastic cap nails,destroying the synthetic underlayment that over laps it a bit, and removing the roof jack again. So that would take several hours, rain keeps coming in and it getting a hell of a lot colder, and work keeps interrupting.

I think you are worrying too much about it. If its too bad cut it in the center and add a new piece to fix it then you can tar where the lap is. Btw ice and water shield is good for freak instances (maybe once every 50 yr storm or something). But if water is getting under your shingles on a regular basis then there is something far more wrong with your roof than the ice and water shield (which isn’t a long term fix in the first place).

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I figured as much. I managed to put three holes in it all ready. One from a tool that fell, One from a roof jack board that I slid two far and the last I barley hit it with my knuckles and put a 5" long rip in it and could easily fit my fingered in behind it.
When I look up I can see it go from a nice crease to a curve to back to a nice crease. Not to mention a little bit of bubbling on the outsides from it not adhering to the decking. Might be to cold or a little bit of moister behind it.