Ice and Water Shield Required by Code in Tennessee?

I’ve seen quite a few conflicting reports. Wondering if Ice and Water shield is required by code in the state of Tennessee?

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Hi Amanda Lynn,
James Hamilton here Owner of 4 Square Roofing based out of Gallatin, TN, however, serving all of Greater Nashville/Middle-TN. As far as seeing conflicting reports on whether or not TN building codes require Ice & Water shield… unlike states up north where codes may require not only in the valleys like here but around the entire perimeter as the starter strip… TN is just going to require it in valleys. Now, not to say I’m sure there are projects where roofing contractors just tear off 15 or 30 PD felt then lay shingle and let it ride and the roof valleys never leak and everything is A-OK (Which I have many times personally seen) I guess the kicker is are you asking this questions in regards to billing an insurance company on a roofing claim supplement that did not include it? If that is your case, you in the good. Simply email the adjuster a copy of our building codes and the section of the valley covers you. I will also provide a link for you to have as well. By the way, if you ever in an insurance situation wanting supplements our codes also require the installation of drip-edge on the entire perimeter of the roofing. So if these 2 items are not included on the front end of the scope of loss, simply do your math on material + labor for Ice and water PLUS material + labor for your drip edge and approx. you will receive on 25sq home for example… an additional $300 Ice/Water + $600 to $750 for drip. I hope this was informative and helpful for you my friend! :))

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1.) 4 Square Roofing Website
2.) Company GMB Site
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3.) Link TN Building Codes
This is the link you need to send to the adjuster to get your supplement monies