Ice and Water Shield

Is ice and water shield used only in climates where it snows? I live in the California Central Valley where we get quite a rainy season and I had one roofer quote me a price for a new comp roof with 30# felt using ice and water shield. Wouldn’t that be unnecessary in my area with a 7/12 pitch roof?

We use ice and water shield all the time here in the south. It is good around chimneys, vent stacks, valleys and other places where the roof isn’t just flat. It gives added protection.

Oh, okay. Thanks. It’s just that no one else even suggested it, so I wasn’t sure.

Ice and water shields are necessary to use cold climates. I think your area having cold climate. Ice and water shields is product that can save you from costly and aggravating water damage to your home.

Here in Ca. its not a common practice to install water and ice on our roofs. Since we dont have the kinds of storm systems that they have in the midwest or snow damming in other parts of the country. thats why roofers here generally dont include it in our bid. We usually only install it on low slope areas were shingles will be installed. or if the plans or home owner calls it out.

A 7/12 in Cali, I see no need for I&W. Although it would be better than felt around skylights.

total waste of money and the potential for harm is greater than good IMO

Amazing. This guy is quoting something I don’t need, and this is the fifth quote I’ve gotten. Am I too picky or is it possible to get that many quotes and not find the right roofer? I’m finding that many of these guys didn’t like me asking questions about what they’re using and why.

What harm could be caused by it? I’m not getting it, but just wondering.
This is a pic roof butcher posted a while back. If you ice and water your house, you create something that can’t be repaired or removed without taking the sheathing with it. If you have ice damming issues, it can become a neccesary evil, but if you don’t, why spend the money.
Additionally, ice shield is a vapor barrier. Any moisture that escapes from your home will condense on the bottom side of the material. This can rot sheathing and create mold. A lot of moisture can be absorbed into felt, it breathes.
I’m not sure if your roofer is planning on ice shielding the whole house or just portions. The whole house is a horrible idea. Portions is not a horrible idea, but still totally unneccesary without ice damming.

intresting shangle I live in the south and I am the one of the only roofers in my area that uses I & w .so iyo it should not be used at all except up north?

Great picture. I should have taken one of the roof I did a few years back where the whole roof was like that.

It is not like he is recommending something you DON’T need. In his mind, maybe it is important to him. Ask that roofer if he would give you his quote without the I+W considering all the other contractors did.

I know things I include in my bid aren’t included in some of the others people receive. These are things I usually find important but some other guys may not. Just how it is.

Thanks guys.

shangle_nailer-can you use a heater to lift the old IW?

Great 2 posts Shingle-nailer!

I think my feeling was that this guy was wanting to use this in the valleys and around penetrations as a back up to improper installations. Just a gut feeling.

I&W shield is not used to guard against incorrect installations. It is an extra precaution in areas that need it. It is impossible to determine when and where it is needed without looking it all over. That is just the gut feel that professionals use. This is just a product that does have proper uses when the need arises. Personally I’d rather be safe than sorry.

To say it is needed all the time or never is just not very smart. Pros use the proper tools and materials for the conditions. Every job is different…

If I were you, I would ask the roofer to explain why he recommended it. See if it makes sense. I can’t see why a roofer should be upset that you asked about the materials and techniques chosen. I love to talk with homeowners about why I do what I do. That builds the proper bond of trust.

We used to use 90 lb in the valleys when ice and water came around some of our suppliers quit selling 90 lb so we switched to ice and water in the valleys and that could be why hes using it.