Ice creep on low slope roof

Hi guys,

I have a Cape with a full shed dormer. The dormer roof is rubber or some other membrane, South facing, and roughly 14x30. The slope is 2 or maybe a little less. In winter ice builds up at the eaves creating huge cornices and icicles and eventually it slides off in deadly chunks, sometimes as big as a 30 gallon drum. The gutter below has been destroyed.

A few years ago we installed a ridge vent and soffit vents across the front of the house to alleviate ice dams, but didn’t install soffit vents on the dormer eave… would that help?

A G.C. recommended that I install an array of snow guards. But as he is just a G.C. and had never done that before, I thought I’d ask the pros… does this sound like a good application for snow guards?

Any other suggestions?

Question 2 - The house has gable vents and I’m getting the impression that the closing them off might help the ridge/soffit arrangement to work more effectively. Is that correct?

Thanks so much!
Stow, MA

It could work. Just a different method of installation. But you can’t just install them along the eave. You have to employ a system that will hold the ice in one place, not just catch it as it slides intot he guards.

Snow Guard Installations

Soffit vents on the dormer will help IF the under-deck space breathes with the rest of the attic. If not then 3 or 4 inches of foam under the low slope will slow down the heat transfer.
good luck