Ice guard only

If Money is not an issue - would it be better to cover the entire roof in ice and water guard and use no felt? or better to do the 2 rows (2 feet inside heat barring wall) of ice/water guard and use the felt!

My neighbor is now going to roof his very small house and has decided to use no felt and do the entire roof in Ice/Water guard - because it is a relatively small roof his is OK with the extra money!


yeah what does it cost about 400 dollars to do a small house. its worth it.


There could be condinsation issues with doing the whole home in I&W. Up here in michigan i have found 3 homes in my years that this has been a problem.


Use as little as possible.

Where ever you use it on the next roof you will most likely have to replace the wood. So the less you use. The less wood you will need to replace next time.

GTP - This house is in Michigan! So would you NOT recommend this! What causes the condinsation?


Well condisation forms in the attic from lack of breathing though the deck. I know it sounds wierd but i have documented homes in the detroit area with this problem. Basically redecked and insulated the home and the problem went away. Lefy has a point also. If I&W was designed for the whole roof then the code of 24 inches inside the heated wall would not exist. Email me your phone number and i can get into it more. The email link is just below my tag line. i will call when i get a chance today if you email soon. If not i will be in the field untill around 7 and your out of luck at that point till the next day.

You can do full I&W you just have to have good ventalation. It is done all the time.

Well i called you yesterday and you did nt respond. I left a message. Call me if you want to talk about it.


I did get you message - Thanks for calling me back! I will try to call you later today!

I did find out that that reason he wants to go with ice water guard on the entire roof and no felt! He said that due to the fact that he is going to do this project alone and with the possibility of the roof being exposed for more than a couple days - he feels the ice and water guard would protect his house in case of rainfall! Even though its a small project - he wants to take his time and do it right!

He’s correct ice and water will hold back rain better than felt but felt will hold back most rain if tacked good.

I Winterguarded my entire house and detached garage.

should have soffit and ridge ventilation,so theres no problems(just to elaborate on rooferjs response)