Ice & Water complete; not shingles - but leaking dome

Our geodesic dome has been completely weatherized so to speak. Ice and water all over but no shingles yet. We got some good rain and it is leaking inside one of inside walls. In the general area of the leak, there are various vent pipes and also it is where the hung little sample section of shingles. I think they are sending someone out today to look at it although that is unclear. How concerning is this at this point?

well someone came and fixed in 2 two minutes - essentially sloppy install at vent.

I think you answered your own question. From what you previously posted, it would seem you have a questionable Contractor. But that may be unfair as all the information is not known.

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I really thought I did my due diligence researching the company. They are very responsive and say the right things. The estimator was very knowledgeable. They have A+ BBB rating mostly good reviews online. I think the crew is just sloppy. The flashing crease doesn’t even line up with edge of the wood at many locations. We are now concerned about the Tamko W&I product since it wasn’t sticking. We asked for a new crew and for a supervisor to be onsite all of the time.

If the IWS isn’t sticking, it needs to be removed and replaced. On a roof like yours, I’d use Grace.

BBB A+ ratings means you’ve paid the BBB their fee and you’re not absolutely horrible. BBB ratings mean little.

When you’re done, I’d hold back some portion of the payment until you’ve had a couple of hard rains. What you’ve described thus far doesn’t sound encouraging.

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Could we have them put some Grace on the low slope area on top of the Tamko?

If the Tamko isn’t sticking well, I would remove it first. From a building code perspective, it is acceptable to install IWS on top of another single layer of IWS. Putting Grace on top of Tamko that isn’t sticking would be akin to putting whipped cream on shit.


That is an awesome analogy! I guess it is sticking, it just didn’t stick around the vent but it was facing the wrong direction and water went under it. The crew is being replaced and super came out and fixed up metal and double checked the entire roof and fixed some stuff and took a lot of pictures. They are removing the tamko on the very top lower slope area to put down a thicker membrane in that area. The company really does have a great reputation and is award winning blah blah. We live in the boonies and have a dome, we are starting to wonder if the crew wanted to be pulled.

The ice and water shield is sticking.
Sounds like that is just the excuse the roofer gave why it leaked at the vent.

Protrusions need something more than just
Ice and water shield underlayment surrounding them to stop leaks.
We surround the pipe with roofing tar over night if we are not complete.

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