Ice & Water on Rakes? Ice & Water over drip edge on

Hi, I live in the northeast snow belt - Albany NY. Would you recomend Ice & Water up the rakes? If so is 18" width enough?

Also when applying the Ice & Water over the drip edge at the eaves. Do you apply it right up to the edge of the drip edge?


Ice Guard is always smart! Just read the manufacturer warranties. Most will give you an even better warranty if you put it where it belongs. Make sure you use a certified roofer for the shingle brand you choose.


You do not need it.

If you do use it, on the eaves drip goes on top.

Drip edge is installed at the eaves first then the ice and watter shield, unless you are wrapping the fascia board 2", You would then install drip after. When doing the wrap install, be sure to use over sized drip. When using on the rake ice and watter first then drip. Around Md. I think install on the rake is an over kill.

we use a 18" strip on all rakes and put the drip on after the I&W.

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no! i&w goes directly to the plywood or other substraight, then the metal goes on. the metal is for asthetics & termination, not waterproofing. if you do it the way your saying, ice can work its way under the metal & rot out the plywd. or other substraight. ive seen it hundreds of times.

Ditto Corry

Hi Corry. I’m new in the business, really just starting and trying to learn as much as possible before I even do anything.

I read on the Owen Corning website that the drip edge is installed first at the eaves then the ice and water shield goes on top of that and the drip edge is then applied on top of the ice and water shield at the rake. Is that an accurate description of the way it should go down?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Water runs downhill. Drip the eaves first unless you put more I&W over the edge of the drip afterwards. I was the #$%%^& that harassed NRCA to amend their spec book on that detail. I was told “Drip over on the eaves is acceptable in some parts of the country”. My response was Where in the country is it acceptable to purposely rot fascia and soffit boards? Water WILL run the underlay, especially in temperate areas with ice and snow.

No need for ice dam on rakes, drip edge first on eaves then ice dam over drip edge…