Identify Shingle


The carrier has these listed as 3tab. I believe they are just not sure of the manufacturer. Any help?

Carrier Shingle Gauge

WAY overexposed GAF HD on what appears to be too shallow of a slope.

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It’s OK. There’s probably 2 nails in the top of the shingle. /S

What’s funny is their thickness gauge is registering GAF as 3 tab. That tells the whole story and I’m saving that picture.


The single thickness should be 3-tab No?

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I stand corrected but it sounded good anyway.

The opposite side of the thickness gauge is for laminated shingles and that is the 30 yr range. The idiot adjuster just took a picture of the wrong side.

Its a timberline HD. If it was manufactured after 2010 it will not read correctly on a standard shingle gauge. If you read Haag’s website the tool specifically says not to be used on shingles made after 2011. All newer lifetime shingles dont gauge correctly on the old ones. We have been seeing insurance do this lately and its because they are just now starting to run into replacing roofs from that period forward.

That is not 3 tab. It looks like GAF timberline. It comes as a lifetime warranty. 3 tab looks completely different and much cheaper. The adjuster is trying to low ball you