If 12/12 is 45 degrees

how many degrees is 5/12 pitch. I reasoned 6/12 was 22.5 then 5/12 was 18.75.

I think I siphered wrong.

Today I had time to work on the rafter ends, the house bowed out 1 1/4 on the rafter ends

tried different tools as I could not get a circular saw in there or a sawzall with the top board and the soffit in the way. Used a router and cut slots on the end then later tried an auto body grinder, can take of a 1/4" in 20 seconds that was the ticket, dark now but got it to about an 1/8 " of variation over the length easily.

The roofer I spoke with said on Landmarks he snaps a line from side to side, follows the drip on the first line run then snaps a line and makes the second line straight, This large bow was mostly over a 18 foot span so felt it was a bit extreme, now will not need to fudge it.

Tomorrow figure out how to raise the sag over the garage of 1 1/4" and straighten out the front line.

Do they build homes level or try to build them level? my thinking is I am high in the center and maybe I should leeave it that way as I want the eves high in the center. Old cabinet master said use a line to get your bottom facia edge straight from side to side but thinking about it now wonder about the high in the center.

Realize it is nit picking but since I am doing it it is easy to do it either way at this stage.



hello warren,
sorry no one has helped.
i personnally stay away from tryin to straitin out settlin structures.
ive seen it work for other people. so i guess it can be done.
as far as 12/12/p, thats damn nere strait up and down.
a wall i a sence.

good luck.

I don’t know much about roofing but I think I can help with this little tidbit. The angle with a 5/12 pitch is the angle with a tangent of 5/12, namely 22.62 degrees.

thanks Twitium,

On the saw yesterday they were 20-24 degrees so that answers the question. I reasoned back 12/12 is 45 then 6/12 is 22.5 however was not so. I have 5/12.

I have to scarf on to the rafter ends on some cause some carpenter cut some of the tails so there is 3" or less support and that is for a facia that is nearly 7" wide so wanted to know the angle, they all vary anyway.

On the sides of the home there are a bunch that are rotted on the ends so going to scarf onto those as well.

I used a level anyway but just wanted to know so I understand as much as possible.



Pitch is “rise over run”, so a 5/12 roof rises 5 inches in a horizontal foot. In a right triangle, with (short) sides of 5 and 12 inches, the angle opposite the 5" side has a tangent of 5/12 (0.41666). To calculate this angle on one scientific calculator, you would enter [5] /] [1] [2] =] [SHIFT] [TAN-1]. The angle of a 5/12 roof is 22.6 degrees, as twitium said.

pitch degrees
1/12 4.76
2/12 9.46
3/12 14.04
4/12 18.435
5/12 22.62
6/12 26.56
7/12 30.26
8/12 33.69
9/12 36.87
10/12 39.81
11/12 42.51
12/12 45