If not metal is used at valley

If no metal is used at a valley and only ice and water, how do you guys add the extra extension/overhang that metal allows for at the bottom. I looked at one house and it looks like the just used a starter shingle placed at on angle as the overhang.

A gutter works pretty well.
Proven technology…


The shingles are your valley.


The shingles are your valley.[/quote]

That isn’t what I meant. When people run metal they usually run a small center piece past the drip edge. I was wondering what you do when there is no metal.

you said it, a matching shingle not starter.


I understood you.

The shingles are your valley. You can put that extra piece in if you like.

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What do you mean? I have only seen one house like this and it was a two story house, so I couldn’t get a good look. It looked like they may have just run the ice and water long, but ice and water seems too flimsy to work. That is why I was guessing a starter course.

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I don’t know the codes for where u are, Typically Ice & Water Shield is not suppose to be exposed to the elements. Weave your shingles to make them the Valley.
Then there is no additional piece to place at the end.(its all part of the roof installation). Or Put in Valley Metal!