IKO shingles manufactured date

I am wondering how I can find the manufactured date of IKO shingles? The IKO website says that the date is on the side of a bundle. I have recently re-done my roof. what I found in a bundle is BD9P28187H. Do you think this tells the manufactured date? If so, how could I interpret? If not, where could I find it? when I asked my contractor, he just said it is brand new but didn’t know when it was made. I really want to find out when.

one more question is whether the manufacutured date matter? For example, if shingles are made in 2004 and applied in 2009, this is not good? or this should be ok?

Thanks for your help.

The run number you found does tell the date and time it was manufactured. IKO can translate that for you. Contact the local IKO rep…your distributor can give you that info.

It is pretty unusual for shingles to be more that a year old. If they aren’t stuck together in the bundle they should be ok to install.

The manufacture date is June 28, 2009