IKO versus Certainteed

So I’m in Coastal NC meaning we have Cat 1-2 hurricanes on a pretty regular basis. Considering using a roofing sub who wants to use IKO Cambridge. He is a well regarded roofer in the area and does work for several other builders. Not a commonly used shingle here.

The on line roofer reviews for IKO look pretty lousy ( I’m talking current product, not the old organic junk). Certainteed Landmark has always been the go to baseline shingle here.

Any thoughts on IKO? My gut is telling me to tell him to just do Certainteed

IKO is better now than they used to be, Certainteed is still a better shingle.

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We only do higher end work, of whats avalible in my area certainteed is my top pick. Have only used iko once in past 5 years to match existing.

Iko fiberglass hold up fine, but do not stand up to winds as well as other brands. I would not want to use them in a high wind area

I mean i wouldn’t be rude but if you are the Contractor or customer than the sub has no say in what should be put on. You are paying them to do the job with the product you want to use not the other way around. Sometimes you just have to put your foot down but Certainteed it better for sure hands down.

Thanks for the input. He’s happy to install whatever I want. He just seemed to be pushing IKO as his preference, given a choice. I decided to have him go with CertainTeed Landmark on top of 30#, and he was fine with it. Starts in a couple of days

Sounds like you made some sound decisions on your roof. Things should work out well for you.

I’m and OC preferred, so I’ve put on a ton of OC. Recently, I’ve put on about 250 sq of IKO.

It’s a little larger, heavier than OC or CT. We’ve had to go back after the plumbers and put on some boots. My guys have complained several times about how hard it is the get the shingles up to put the boots on; they “stick” more than the others. I wouldn’t be afraid to install them anywhere.