Meet with the IKO rep yesterday. Interesting day to say the least. Basically in a nut chell we talked about how and why things are the way they are and i have a better understanding about it. Things went well and i showed him some of there roofs that have been blasted. He talked to customers and it was a good day i can say.

now lets wait & see if he follows through

Chicago has been contacted about the 2 roofs that we are trying to file claims on. We will see what in fact they will do. I am taking the high road on this on and seeing what they do. Like i said before i do not expect anything really other than what i have seen and heard. I dont know what they will do if anything. Lets put it this way. I was contacted about issues not the other way around. I agreed to meet with him and well hhe was pleasant to talk to and did listen to all of my concerns and understood what i was talking about and showed him from what i took from the meeting. I can not go into details until the whole thing is over or untill i have release to it. Long story and will keep posted on this issue.

IKO has a bad reputation and track record in this area. many lumber yards have gotten rid of them.