Im back


sorry to hear about the injury.

Did you fall off the roof, or carry too many ladders for too long?

good to eya gtp.
get well soon.


oh yeah.
dont get hooked on pain killers.



[quote=“gtp1003”]hurt the back picking something up using my knees and it gave out half way up.

as far as pain killers vicidin does nothing for me. when i was in the hospital a week and a few days after the injury, long story dont ask. they had given me to serioid shots in the legs and morphine in the arm, came back about a half hour later and that did nothing so they gave me a iv push of diluten or whatever it is. its 10 times what morphone is.[/quote]

Do you mean Dilaudid?


Good to see you back. I was wondering if you were taking a ‘break’.