I'm Looking for Job Openings

**Supervisor in Dallas metroplex searching for a career opportunity, anyone know anyone hiring for a Foreman position/Supervisor position?

I don’t have an opportunity for you so feel free to ignore me, but I have to ask… What does seven years of roofing industry experience mean exactly? And what happened to your last/current job?

Just curious…

My current employer went to Houston after Hurricane Ike after telling me he would send for us later. What I wasn’t told was that that later would be filled with a gap with almost 1 month of not 1 day of work.

personally I would’nt bring up the issue of “experience” until I had at least 15yrs under my belt.
Just my 2cents…


First I would like to say that it is great that you are looking to better yourself.
That being said… What is your experience? Is it just shingles? Can you do EPDM(ballasted vs. fully adhered) Can you install TPO or PVC? Can you install metal roofing? What types? Klip-Rib,Snap-lock,Standing Seam or is it Nor-Clad ? Can you install hot.
These are several questions that a large roofing company would ask if you were applying for a supervisors job. If you only know 1 system then it might be better to work on a crew that does a different system then that you know to get the experience.
I have been roofing for 20+ years as have most of the people that post on these forums and I can say that I continue to learn new things every day.