I'm looking for work in Tampa Florida

I’m looking to get with a company in the Tampa Florida area to do work. I was a licensed roofing contractor in Ohio for 10 years, and have been doing work in Miami, Florida. My family lives in the Brandon/Tampa area, and I’d like to stay here locally to work so that I don’t have to commute anymore.

I am experienced in Sales, roof repairs, tile repairs, shingles, epdm rubber, and standing seam metal.

I am educated; have a clean background, drivers license, drug free, have all of my teeth (lol)…and one hell of a hard worker that is results oriented. I do want to get paid what I’m worth.

If there is anybody in the Tampa/Brandon Florida area that needs a guy like me, please contact me.

My phone (813) 657-0263 or contact me at my email address: brettnmissi@adelphia.net

Brett Simpson

I dont know about tampa but I know a guy in miami and all over southern florida that could help you out. If interested email me at skiconstr@yahoo.com