Impact Resistant (Class IV)

I am another North Texas resident who needs a new roof and I got an initial quote from a roofing company on 30 year shingles and impact resistant. There is only a $1000 difference and the amount of money I got from the insurance company will cover the difference so I would not be out of pocket any cash apart from the deductible (which I have to pay either way). *We have money from insurance allotted for touch-up painting and staining that my husband will do himself and damage to outdoor furniture that we can apply to the roof.

Is it worth it to upgrade? Could anyone tell me what the Class IV shingles cost per square foot? I upgraded from 20 year to 30 year shingles after the last major hail storm (mostly because the 20 year look so cheap) and again paid nothing additional out of pocket.

I would get a discount on my homeowners insurance and if I am out nothing extra, is it worth it?

If you get hail storms at least once a year I would upgrade.
I can get Certainteed Landmarks for about $65 a square, and the Landmark IR for about $100. But I also live 3000km North of you so those prices won’t help you.

If I were ‘in your shoes’, I would make the upgrade. You may even experience a discount on your homeowner’s insurance with the IR shingle depending on your carrier. Call and discuss this with your agent. That would be an additional ‘win’. I have seen some discounts as much as 25%. The IR shingle is not bulletproof, but it will perform as expected for most of the ‘routine’ storms we get throughout Texas.

I believe Texas requires carriers to offer a discount on residential premiums if you install a qualified CL 4 shingle. They don’t mandate how much of a discount, but generally expect 15 to 29% reduction in base premium. And that is for as long as you own the home and the roof is still on. As much as we all pay for every type of insurance, not putting IR shingles on and getting the discount is, IMVHO, nuts.

Anyone can call their insurance agent and ask what the new premium will be if they convert to a CL 4 shingle, which usually is part of the decision making process if you pay for the upgrade.

If you like the look, its a no brainer with no additional cost.