Improper install

Had new roof installed. Multiple low slope areas. Contracter used rolled roofing but installed drip edge over roofing and nailed thru roofing. Covered nails with clear caulking or similar product. Used finish nails in this picture but used roofing nails on other area don’t have picture yet. contractor trying to tell me the prior roof which had the drip edge installed under the roofing and never had an issue was the wrong install who’s correct?

Tell him if he hurries back, Mc D’s might re-hire him. Is that peel and stick? If so, did he use a base sheet?

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Metal needs to be sandwiched between base sheet and the cap. Nail pattern would fail any city inspection here. Theyll give you max 5" spacing of fastener.

Not peel and stick kinda wish it was can’t get the smell out of my house from the glue used

Thanks for the answer that’s exactly what I thought

Here are some more pics of the job. They also told copper flashing off my chimney, and from over where the garage meets the house and who knows where else. Not sure if they put any type of flashing back on the chimney or just slathered it with tar.
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Where are the flashings for the vent pipes.


Other area of roll roofing with edge guard installed over roof.

Is there any roofer on here who thinks this is a quality install except maybe the guy who wants me to pay him for this work

What do you think of additional pics I was finally able to get on roof today to add some

Close ups are too narrow, there is no context

Looks quite simialar to what I run into in Northern Wy. If you don’t know how to flash things correctly you should do what that one guy said and hurry back to Mc D’s and get your job back cause you’ll just give good roofers that know what their doing a bad name.

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