In elk 30 year which one prestique high def or raised profil

first of all to all expeienced roofers and homeowners have i made a wise choice with the elk 30 year over the gaf timberline? MY ROOFER WHO DOESN’T REALLY SELL ELK SAID HE HAD TROUBLE WITH ELK SHINGLES 7 YEARS AGO AND HASN’T DONE ANY SINCE BUT WILL STILL DO THEM. HE RECOMENDED GAF.IS THIS TRUE ARE ELK SHINGLES PROBLEMS? but i’m really leaning toward elk because i love the high profile 3d look of elk. my questions are does gaf have a similar high profile 3d look like elks high profile shingles? #2 if i chose elk which is more high profile the high profile brand or the prestique high def one? thanks

I’ve never liked Elk but that’s just me. If you’re looking for a huge 3D profile then check out Certainteeds shingles. Elk is one of the larger companys and was just taken over by GAF, so no, it’s not garbage.

are certainteed 30 year shingles about $50 a square. elk and gaf are around 47-50 a square in my area. man its quite amazing how every single roofer has a different opinion. the only thing that is about 90% certain is few people like oc.