Incorrectly installed stick on Weather-shield

My roofer installed the “Storm-guard” on a hurricane roof replacement. While removing the protective film from the stick-on side of the underlay the rolls moved and were not straightened leaving bumps or waves all over my roof. This is a 3200 sq ft single level home. The shingles were installed over the underlay with the effect of the ocean on a windy day. There fix for this is to cut the Weather-shield flatten the bumps and to install a thin weather barrier material on top of the Storm-guard and reinstall the shingles. We are talking maybe 60% of the roof.
My question to you, Is this the correct solution to a what seems to me as a major screw up ?
As the Storm-guard is a self-sticking weather barrier will it tear up the plywood as they try to remove it?
Requiring a complete new roof? Help

Yes that would be the correct fix imo.


A couple of pics would help a lot. I always cut it down to 15’ sections to stop the puckers. Tearing it off usually is nearly impossible, and if the plywood is skitchy it will delaminate it.

Yes, sounds like they are doing the right thing.
Amd now they hopefully have learned their lesson.
You cant shingle over the wrinkles.
If they had just used their knife to slice through the center of the wrinkle from end to end
It would have looked perfect and still been perfectly water tight.

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I would agree only if it isn’t a low slope roof. I wasn’t able to view the picture. If this is a low slope roof REQUIRING peel and stick underlayment then no way is slicing wrinkles acceptable.

Idk about the others, but your pic won’t load for me.

I disagree.
You never shingle over a wrinkle.
All wrinkles must be removed.
And cutting it is the only way.
I have never seen a leak because of it.
But have seen countless roofers that thought they shouldnt cut the wrinkles and had to remove the whole roof because the homeowner was furious with their ignorance.

Edit- i do shingle over small wrinkles.
1/2 inch tall or less.
They will lay flat.
But many wrinkles will reach an inch to two inches high. They must be sliced.

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either careless or inexperienced guys,as roof lover said above,shouldve cut diagonally(thats how usually wrinkles lays) to make it flat.
In your case,depends on how many rows they’ve installed ,either tear off 3 or 6’ feet and reshingle it
Which would be labor and time consuming.but its their mistake

Good luck ever getting a warranty honored if there is water intrusion on a low slope roof with cuts in the ice/water shield.

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Who would be warrenteeing this hypothetical low slope roof?

IMO underlayment should be installed with no wrinkles to begin with.

If there are wrinkles in the I&W they should be cut out & patched.

Very disappointing to read Tileman.
I would associate your words with a Non-roofer.
You might want to stick with tile.
When shingle manufacturers are confronted about their defective shingle and samples are sent in… the underlayment is never part of the equation.
So please, stick with what you know.

Roof lover,
All due respect and I never knew you to be confrontational? I have seen a problem with defective shingles on a 3-12 letting water in on a north facing slope. A major manufacturer tried to reject the claim because of the same type of issue even though it was unrelated to the problem. I am extremely cautious to always cover my bases for this scenario because they frequently look for an ‘out’ to avoid paying claims. You suggested simply slicing wrinkles and letting the fold take care of it, when slicing and installing a patch is the correct way. I’m not going to get into a contest about who knows more than who because it’s infantile but we do 10x more comp and metal than we do tile these days and I’ve been at it for 35 years now. I guess you haven’t yet experienced everything in your neck of the woods.

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35 years and you still dont have enough experience doing shingles and underlayment yet.

I can slice my Ice and water underlayment
and immediately run a fire hose directly on it and it wont leak.
So how does yours leak after the shingles are installed? Damn

It doesnt matter what the slope is.
Steep to dead flat… you always slice any large wrinkles.

Kinda funny, when i first entered this forum
Almost the entire forum swore that
NO underlayment was ever needed for any roof and that it was only a temporary needed until the shingles got installed.
Even today, most roofers on this forum will swear that ice and water shield is not needed
And surely not on the whole roof they say.

You have no idea what you are talking about.
Slice the wrinkle because of imperfect decking.
Slice the wrinkle to retrieve an old nail or debris you left behind.
Slice any large wrinkles So your roofing lays as flat as possible.
And the homeowner wont demand you to tear it all off.
I have been directly involved in multiple negotiations with homeowners because of wrinkled felt before i started my own company. They all involved full removal of the roofing that was just replaced.

You’re making yourself look like an idiot. I slice all wrinkles, if we have them, and then I PATCH them.
Can I make it any clearer than that? On 3-12 roofs the ice/water shield WILL see moisture at some point. I lean towards the one in a thousand occurrences to make sure my bases are always covered. You are famous for your posts defending roofers shoddy work by saying the dreaded phrase “it’s good enough” and defending poor roofing. My company holds up to a lot higher standard and that’s why high end builders and owners looking for high quality jobs use us. Our results are firmly in place. We’re just two different companies with different ways of doing things I guess.

Well when you see me saying that any shoddy workmanship is good enough…
I hope you will be man enough to point it out.
And we will fight it out.
How come you were not man enough before, i dont know.

I’ll happily fight it out with ignorant homeowners and roofers alike.