Innovative Roofing Material

ArmorLite Roofing provides an aesthetic quality never before seen in the roofing industry. Artistically designed for distinctive homes and engineered with advanced GE materials, ArmorLite stands above any other material in the specialty roofing market.

Our patented technology and advanced ASA materials by GE, transform drab, utilitarian roofing materials into a visually appealing roof with extreme durability. ASA has over 40 years of proven weatherablity in some of the world’s most extreme climates and is recognized for its high heat reflectivity and color sustainability. ArmorLite Roofing is energy star and residential cool roof rated, environmentally friendly, competitively priced, easily installable, and has the lowest shipping cost of any other roofing material in the market today. We pride ourselves at ArmorLite Roofing in being the lightest weight roofing material, lending to us being one of the safest roofing systems in high winds, earthquakes and fires.
We believe the unmatched beauty, GE durability, safety, eco-friendliness, ease of installation, Lifetime Warranty, energy saving costs, and lowest shipping costs will make ArmorLite Roofing the number one choice of builders, distributors, contractors and homeowners alike. Aside from the above mentioned, Roofing Contractors in particular enjoy the benefits of higher profit margins, quicker install times, less wear and tear on their crews, and lower workman’s comp claims. Weighing only 70 lbs. per square and requiring only 4 nails/screws per 1 ft. x 4 ft. panel, the benefits become very apparent to the Contractor.

A roof represents approximately 50% of what a buyer sees. Why not choose a roof for your custom home design that is better, faster, safer, more cost effective and more eco-friendly? Clear architectural distinction with numerous benefits is what makes ArmorLite “America’s Most Advanced Roofingâ€Â

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when you say safest in earthquakes what exactly does it do during earthquakes???stay aloft???

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