Inproper installation of fascia cover

I purchased a house and found that there is a small section where the fascia cover doesn’t tuck behind the drip edge. It isn’t wide enought to do so. What is the easiest way to fix this? The fascia board doesn’t appear to be damaged and the gap between the cover and drip edge is pretty narrow. Could something be installed under the drip edge to cover this gap?

3 things could be done. 1 - Install a wider drip edge so it covers the gap - could be difficult depending on the gap and how the shingles are in terms of removing and replacing. 2 - put a new piece of matal up under the drip and over the exisiting fascia. or 3 - could install new fascia entirely.

I’m leaning towards putting a piece of metal under the drip edge. I’m just not sure how easy it is going to be to fasten it.

This Thread Is Useless (nearly useless, anyhow) Without Pictures.

Seriously, though… I don’t know what the opportunities are like where YOU are, however any decent metal shop could make a bit of an improved or enlarged drip edge type product or a fascia covering with a good set of measurements.

FWIW, some of the better drip edge products out there (that are a bit cost prohibitive in some cases when used on an entire house) will have a deck span (top part that goes over the wooden drip edge / fascia / decking) that goes as much as 6".


Use a trim nail or a zip screw.


As Lefty said you could use a trim nail or zip screws, but personnally I would use a pop-rivet. You should be able to find rivets to match the color of your fascia metal.


can you post a pic?