Insert image

Need help inserting images to my quotes



I bumped a previous thread about pics.


You can upload and host your photos at
You can use the open/public album here
Open Album
Login with username = demo / password = demo
Or register and create your own album.
Then post your pictures to this forum.

It is easiest to do this with two browser windows open.
Open or, then press ( CTRL+N )on your keyboard at the same time to open a new window and open the other site.
Log in to your photo album.
Find/go to the picture you want to post.
In the column on the left, find and click Get item URLs
That brings up a list of links.
Look under BBCode Formatted Links
You can choose a simple link, a thumbnail link, or a resized pic link.
On the right is text ( Click to Copy ), just click the one you want,
the link will be saved to your clipboard, ( it’s the same as highlighting and copying )
Then go to and the post area and paste the link in your message.

Hope it helps