Inspection: GAF Shingle Warranty

Inspected a brand new roof.
I found that the shingles were nailed
high. They also racked the shingles
but didn’t install the blind nail under the flaps
that are every other row. Re-used rusty vent stacks,
re-used chimney flashings, etc.

Most shingles have 2 nails that hit the line, and other
nails were blown through and high. The ridge vent still has
the nails attached and they used gunnable nails on the cobra
ridge vent? Is that allowed, and I wouldn’t think they would
be long enough to penetrate the the cap/vent/shingle/felt/and penetrate
through the wood.

How can I help them. Has ayone ever had a GAF inspector come out
in a situation. How much do they cost, etc. Nails that came with it are still attached.

These are just a few pics of Roof Inspection in Erie,PA. Crazy, isn’t it?

Dont know anything about the situation but this may help…some

Is there a GAF warranty on the roof? If so is it the standard “lifetime limited” that comes with all GAF 30year+?

Or was it the System Plus? or Golden Pledge?

Standard warranty and Systems Plus is only Manu. Defects GAF can’t do anything for faulty workmanship. I would suggest calling the contractor who installed the roof working with him to do right by the situation

IF the rare chance it was Golden Pledge(workmanship included) which around here GAF sends an inspector out for “40 pt. inspection” :lol: surely that would not have passed and the workmanship would have been corrected…

If I had to guess it is probably standard GAF manu. warranty installed by a halfass contractor and the homeowner is going to end up spending 3x as much and will have to hire the contractor that originally thought his price was “to high” to come fix the guys work whos price was “Right”

Good Testimonial for “high” contractor if latter is the case

Since all those deficiencies void GAF’s warranty, I 'd say the roof has NO warranty at all, other than the standard taillight warranty offered by many ‘nail-persons’.

i agree with tinner this warranty expired when there tail light dissapeared and the check cleared, :lol:

lol. Yeah, you might be right.

Other info:
The contractor hasn’t been paid the final check. There was an argument
because the township building had a roof section that didn’t get done. Contractor says
it wasn’t in the contract and it will cost an extra 17,000 for about 15sq. Rubber roof.
They are meeting with him Friday to argue it out.

This was a local township building. We are the only full time roofing company in the township.
We are located about 3 blocks from this building. Township population aprox. 4,000 people.
I pay taxes to the township…of course…but… They had to get other estimates… it’s a rule… …
Then it turned into a prevailing wage job / and accepted closed bids from everybody. They gave the project
to a contractor that is 2 hrs. away from the township in Pittsburgh.

Well, you can see what the result was. It’s a shame we can’t go back to being old fashion.
Just go with someone you trust when it comes to township work. It turned into a whole bunch of red tape, hiring engineers, architects, etc.

My tax dollars were spent on this roofing project. Yikes

“My tax dollars were spent on this roofing project.”

You might have a vested, not ‘conflict of interest’, horse in this race.

Tell the truth in your report. Would you warrant one of your installations and sleep at night if your crew did this? I don’t believe so.
The roof probably needs to be redone. The make believe roofer took so many shortcuts he should be able to tear it off and redo it correctly. It would be a nice object lesson for him too. The warranty has expired on this roof. I see it too often and tell it like it is too.
I doubt the ‘Invitation to Bid’ listing had a line saying “We aren’t interested in a warranty on this roof , nor if it only lasts only 1-6 years before we do this again. And it must be able to withstand breezes not in excess of 15 mph.”
I’d bet money on that.

A perfect example, on a micro basis, of why our Federal Government is 15 Trillion Dollars in debt. It simply proves that common sense really isn’t that common these days.

Wow, you guys. Not just wise, but poetic comments.
Priceless. :biggrin:


The contractor won’t be paid until a GAF inspector comes out
and approves the work. Unless he is buddies with the inspector
I don’t think he stands a chance, do you?

I have one very simple rule to follow. If any form of federal, state or local government is involved -


If the requested warranty in the contract does not include labor and is material based only, I would make sure you or an owner’s representative is at the inspection and bring up the difficiencies you found. I am not speaking about GAF directly, but I’ve seen many times that the manufacturer’s rep or inspector is more likely to side with the contractor or not make them look bad, because they want them to continue to use their products. If the warranty is full system or includes labor, then the manufacturer will be responsible so you dont have anything to worry about.

We had the inspection. The main guy didn’t show up and he
didn’t send a GAF inspector like he said he would. When I arrived
I saw that his guys were on the roof working? They were replacing
the ridgevent.
They removed the cap shingles and installed new seal-a-ridge.
The long nails were gone, but I looked and found a small bucket with all of
the long nails in it that they took off the vent.

I lifted the caps and sure enough they installed it with 1"'3/4 Gun nails again!
How crazy. Then they were going around the roof lifting tabs and adding more nails. They weren’t using any tar after they broke the seal and didn’t tar the high nails that were blown through.

Just fail hm again. :shock: Some people don’t seem to have a clue that it’s easier and cheaper to do it right the first time. Fail him and let him learn by redoing it again.