Insrance Markings

Hello everyone it’s been a while since I’ve been on here I have a Question about something I feel I should know.What does the insurance markings mean i.e “FB zero with slash through it” ,N=nail,etc… We have mostly did non insurance jobs since our start so this is something I have never learned about,all your help is appreciated.

every company, and every adjuster does things different.

however… most put a circle around a hail hit, and a slash mark if its a nail backing out, or a scuff mark (traffic scars).

when you see “E = 6” that means east slope there are 6 hits inside the test square (10x10) some put F = 6 meaning front, or B for back, L for left, etc etc.

if there is no marks, and just E=O then east slope = zero hits (no damage)

slashes and “Nail” are so they can document with pictures what is, and is not storm related damages.

oh, and some people write a 0 with a slash mark thru it, so that the zero is not confused with a 6 or a 9

thanks Agape .