Instailling ridgevent

What is the proper way to install ridgevent?

Do you nail the ridgevent to the decking/board then shingle up to the edge of the ridgevent OR shingle up to the top of the opening - lay and nail the ridgevent over a layer of shingles?

I noticed that most ridgevent doesn’t stick that high above the roof line but I have a neighbor whos ridgevent sticks very high above the roof line. The neighbor recently had a new roof installed and I know that the cap shingles were a raised high profile look. Just curious as it looked like the ridgevent was installed incorrectly.

I also know that he used a ridgemaster brand! Is this a thicker brand. I know most of you recommend GAF snowcountry


I don’t know of any ridge vent that you install on the sheathing - shingle up to the slot in your deck, then the ridge vent goes on over it.

As far as the profile, it really depends on which product you use. Cor-A-Vent ridge vents range in thickness from 5/8" to 1". As for RidgeMaster vents, they tend to be right around that 1" thickness range depending on which one was used.

i agree shingle first then vent. most thickness are 1"

We only use the GAF Snowcountry. Apply it per manufacturing specs and no troubles.