Installation of cold air baffles

I recently had my roof replaced. On the rear of the house, the pitch is 3/12. I wanted to added insulation to the attic, so I asked the contractor to install cold air baffles so I wouldn’t block off the air flow under the deck. The contractor removed the bottom 6 feet of decking to add these baffles. When I checked the work inside the attic, the baffles were not attached to anything, just laying on the existing insulation in the attic, basically useless, in my opinion. When I called the contractor to complain, I said the baffles should have been stapled either to the rafters or deck. He said he doesn’t attach the baffles to anything, but instead, lets the insulation hold up the baffles. What is the correct method for installing cold air baffles? I’m meeting with contractor tomorrow afternoon, so any replies would be helpful. Thanks for you help.

Normally they are stapled, but i have seen them without and do just fine. The insulation will hold them up just fine. With that pitch of roof i would not worry about it much they wont move around at all.