Installation Warranty

My company offers a 2 year installation warranty on our roofs. I’ve run across other companies that have 5, 10 and even 15 year installation warranties.

As a businessman I have to have a balance between providing quality products with a quality installation vs cost of covering my installation warranty.

I’ve never had a problem over coming another roofers longer warranty when a prospect mentions it to me. It just gets me thinking sometimes.

Why is he offering such a long warranty!

To me, it seems that if you install your roof correctly the first time it’s not going to leak due to your installation methods. And if there is a problem industry studies show it happens within the first 2 years after installation on average.

With this knowledge, Id personally feel like I was Chris Farely in Tommy Boy when he was talking about the box that had “POOP” in it. On the outside of the box is had a warranty for the POOP. Get it? Is the 5,10 and 15 year warranty just a weak closing tool designed to provide a false sense of security for a home owner?

If your a well known roofer that’s been around for say 20 years wouldn’t that already be established in your community? So you couldn’t use such a long warranty to communicate that you’ll be around in 10 years should their roof leak at 9 years 364 days.

Another thing that comes to mind is roof maintenance, what if the home owner never cleans his gutters or keeps his roof clean from debris. This can cause decay and eventually leaking in problem areas. So the roof leaks and you get a call, you go out and now you have to explain to them the real reason the roof is leaking. Perhaps they might think your blaming the leak on something else so you don’t’ have to fix it under your warranty. Just a thought. Ever happen to anyone?

Very good point. But I do not think it is a weak closing tool. As often as it does work, that makes it a very strong closing tool. I have found that most homeowners would like to forget the roof is even there after it is installed, Unlike landscaping or a new kitchen etc… The ridiculous warranty period gives some people the belief in the back of their mind that they can do this, and that the workmanship of the installer must be that much more superior to the company only offering a two year warranty. I think people associate this to their cars, 3 yr 36, well, that is what everyone does, it must mean that it will fall apart as soon as the warranty is up. etc…

So what I gather from what your saying Scott is that these long warranties are silly but the offer some level of comfort for a home owner. This is despite the fact that a properly installed roof is just that.

PS: Are you going to call Allen?

As far as giving a long warranty i see your point on the 2 year bit and you are right they will normally fail within that first 2 years. And yes the warranty is only as good as the person backing the warranty. But i do disagree with you on a few points. As far as closing really that is only there to given the customer comfort in knowing they will not have to worry about it nothing more, it is not a close. It is a way comming up to the close but not a close. As far as the double edged sword goes a company offering a 10 year warranty vs a company offering a 2 year warranty a seasoned sales guy can give the element of doubt very easily in the other company , with that price is what you might be selling not the company or you. Now business wise you will have to charge more for a longer warranty because of risk, and that leads me to believe your a price seller not a company seller. Do not take this the wrong way. Most roofers make that mistake and they truly do not know what to charge causing the lowballer throat cutting crazy that has been going on the last few years. Now with what i have said i will give an example. I worked with a guy and we were partners for a few years. When we started this he was offering a 1 year warranty. Boy o boy was his closing ratio bad 8%. Well he was not a salesman to begin with. So i restructured most of the company and made it make money again. Most customers want piece of mind not a story why this is different than XYZ company. WHen a customer is buy a roof the want to know that they will have many trouble free years without cost. I do disagree with your warranty and feel that if the roof is done correctly and no corners were cut then what is the issue? When a job is done properly it should never fail under normal wear and other variables are beyond our control and thats why the legal stuff is in the contract.

Lastly the close, I would hope this is not your main basis for the close Scott. If it is i think i can help that for you if you email me. The warranty is basically a adding factor vs someone like ridges 2 year warranty if you have a 5 or 10 year warranty. Aside from that it is only a number just like the price. If you can not overcome a price then you need more education on the sale and the art of closing. The higher you charge for your services yes your closing ratio will go down if you do not do several other things to prevent it, like pre qualifing the customer. You are not selling shingles nor are you selling a warranty, you are selling you and the company. You are trying to be a professional problem solver not a here is my warranty do you like? As far as me going against someone with a 2 year warranty regardless of price i would win more than i lost because im faced with that on a regular basis. You have to find what is different between you company and the others, one way of doing that is the Ben Fraklin close (Pro’s and Con’s) With that you can not go apples to apples with a 2 year warranty vs a 10 in the same 1000.00 price range. The price to me is just another number nothing more nothing less. Here is where breaking it down to the ridiculous close comes into play. ANd if you don’t have 6 closes ready inline ready to ask for the sale and make your company stand out from the other guy at that point in my mind you are just pushing paper and truly are not a salesman you have just stayed in the here is my price do you want me to do the job?

Ridge im just pointing out something and iam not trying to start anything. It sounds to me like you are a price seller with a small warranty thats all. If you are that confident on your installs then why such a short warranty when the national average is over 5 years with legit companies? Hell you could charge more too.

Scott if you need help with selling drop me an email and i can help you out. I have several closes that are 100% better than the warranty.

I in no way am trying to tell anyone how to run his or her business. I am just trying to use what i have learned over the last 10 years of selling and giving it to others. I know a 15 year warranty sounds silly but if you are that confident that it will last for 15 years without trouble then why not offer a larger warranty? Yes you will have a roof bite you in the butt once and a while but most of the time in my experience it has been from a dish installer going right into the roofing deck. Hey but if we charge accordingly the trouble pays for it self. Its part of the business.


The reason I don’t offer a longer company warranty is becuase our business model doesnt’ allow for it. We do storm damage repair so were at most 2 to 3 years in a location installing roofs, then we maintain a presence until the company warranty for the last roof we installed expires.

But, because I do care about installing a good roof and giving my clieints peace of mind, I became a GAF Authorized Contractor and as such I provide the Systems Plus Warranty to all my clients at no additional charge.

My clients know I’m not local becuase I inform them I’m not. But I tell teach them about the extended warranty coverage from GAF and then it’s a non issue on how long my warranty is. = ) My clients really dig the fact that I spend more for ShingleMate, Leak Barrier and that I pay the registration fee for the warranty. All they pay me is 100% of the insurance money plus the deductible. So they get a roof with 4 warranties from an authorized contractor and pay nothing for it.

This blows thier mind in two ways. They actually KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m building quality into thier roof and they are not paying extra for it. I install an intergrated roofing system, so the componants of the system are covered and not just the shingles.

The warranties are as follows:

  1. My company installation warranty 2 years.
  2. Shingle Manf. life warranty. 25 yr, 30yr, etc etc.
  3. Systems Plus warranty from GAF.
  4. Good house keeping warranty that backs the System Plus Warranty.

I was going to write a long thing on this but you know not worth the time. Sounds to me like you are a storm chaser that pawns off warranty work to others. Good housekeeping will not fix the roof. They sponsored gaf for this. Nor will gaf if you miss anything or anything like ventilation, nailing pattern offset patterns and so on. I could not do that to other people and im not sure how you can. This is what gives roofers a bad name. How long do you say you are in business? Do you let them know that you are new the the area and will not be here long? Does GAF know that you are storm chasing? I AM really at a loss here and for those who know me here that is not normal. Hey im sorry but this is what we deal with out here and it is not right. SO let me get this straight, you do as many roofs as you can and stay untill all the roofs 2 year warranty has expired? With that what do you do in the mean while sit and play cards. Se how that is a problem.


Don’t judge me because number one you don’t know me or how I run my business. You obviously did NOT read my post carefully becuase I clearly stated I cover my warranties until my last roof install expires.

I run my business with a clean conscience which means I install EVERY roof according to manufacturer specifications. That doesn’t mean we make mistakes. What measures our charecter is that we correct our mistakes when we make them.

I carry all Lisencing and Insurance required by state and local municipalities. So what’s your beef with me, if you don’t like the way I do business you lump me in with some group you don’t like.

Exactly “WHAT” is not right? GAF knows that I do only storm repair and they have no problem with it. Like mentioned earlier the warranty is only as good as the roof installation. And my clients get a system which covers more then just the shingles. Can you say that about the roofs you install? If you can, then that makes two of us.

There is no reason to fly off the handle and flame me on these boards. You really don’t know me, or do you know how I run my business. I suspect that you may feel that becuase you have an established business in your city and a large wind or hail storm hit it and 1000’s of roofs need replacing that you have some right to claim that all the roof jobs are only for the locals. That mentality doesn’t work either becuase home owners only have a limited time to file a claim and effect the repairs.

Last time I checked this was America and I have the right to set up my business anywhere I like. I’m sucessfull at what I do, and I do it well with the utmost integrity so back off please.

I’m sitting on the fence on this one but what i will say, is when any of my clients ask how long we guarantee our workmanship on re-roofs i verbally tell them one year, and to be honest at first they do look at me a bit perplexed.
But when i explain to them, if there is going to be any problems with their new roof it always happens inside the first twelve months, nine times out of ten the client understands this, and then when i offer them a two year warranty you can actually see the delight and trust in their faces.

My warrantys are as long as the orginal owner owns the house, and the leak was caused my poor workmanship.

In the 12 years we have been in business I have had to fix 2 leaks. Its not a sign of weakness in my sales pitch. Its a sign of Cockyness that I know my roofs are right.

So which storm chasing company are you with?

Ridge I do alot of storm repair but i have always maintained my home office in Ohio which i work out of with several other employees including roofers doing roofs in Ohio. Your telling me that when a hurricane wipes out florida you go there and install roofs. But then months later a hurricane wipes out another state you stay in Florida until 2years after your last roof install because of your warranty. Even though you do storm damage you stay in one place until 2years after your last roof. How do you ever leave a city or state what you do for 2 years work in a factory until those warranties are up. Because if you keep working and keeping putting on roofs w/ 2 year warranties and say you won’t leave until all of the warranties are up then when can you ever leave a city or state I don’t get it. and GAF doesn’t care if you chase storms nor do I but as long as GAF gets thier money thier cool.

I agree there with what you said there frank.

Ridgerunner, you could also on occassion be competing against a Certainteed 5 Star Sure Start warranty, where the roofer has proven his credentials and Certainteed will provide a ten year craftsmanship warranty on behalf of the roofer and or company. I promise you Certainteed is not going anywhere and it’s not too difficult to convince a customer of that. You need to find a way to keep up and stop whining, though I at least admire that you’re not just throwing irresponsible warrantees around.

By the way I am certified by certainteed so I wont work for 45 a square.

Sorry guys, I may be a little late to the fun, but I’m in Madison, WI right now and I have to say I am really enjoying all the storm chasers in town. Yes, they have a tendancy to make all us local people, whom I trust know what where doing look like idiots, but after the storm chasers leave, and we fix there mistakes, they love us now! I look forward to meeting this storm chasing guy as I’m sure he’s already in town as is the rest of them.