Installing drip after the fact

This is probably a dumb question, but I have to ask. I’ve only seen my guys install drip edge on torn off roofs. I have a customer we are hanging new gutters on her house and in some places the gap between the fascia and deck are too wide in my opinion. So I was going to install some drip edge. The shingles won’t pry up very far so I’m not sure the best route for this. Any tips? Tearing out some courses is not in the budget.

Can you pry between the starter and first course and nail there? If they nailed their starters low, your going to hit nails every foot.

Can you nail the drip edge to the fascia board? If so that would be your easiest option.

@patchap there is a lot of shingle over hang and when I pryed them up today they wanted to break.

@IslandRoofing gutter will be installed after so I can’t nail to the fascia they will have to fit the gutter under.

I wondered if I could put some gorilla adhesive on it and slide it on. I glued some stuff with that in the past and you can’t break it lose once it sets.

I figured nailing it under the shingle was the only option I just wanted to check.

It would be better to zip or rivit it to the gutter than to try to glue it in place. The right job would to be to pull the first course.

@MPA Thanks I didn’t think about adding it to the new gutter, was worried about putting holes in the front side of the drip/gutter and water intrusion. I guess a minimal amount of screws and a dab of silicone would work.