Installing modified bitumen roof in inclement weather

We are buying a 1960’s house in Seattle. We had the home inspected before we made an offer, and the inspector said the existing torch down roof was beyond repair. The sellers have agreed to have a new torch down roof installed, or to credit us the money for it.

The house will close in mid-October. That is the start of the rainy season here, and I’m wondering what the recommendations are for installing this kind of a roof - does the weather need to be dry for several days in a row? Just on the day the work is done? No requirement at all?

We would like the seller to replace the roof before closing since then they are responsible for any hidden damage. But there is also an advantage to having the work done after we own the place, since we would have greater say over the quality. So it would really help us to understand if the roof needs to be done ASAP due to weather considerations.

I would really appreciate some knowledgeable people’s advice here. Thanks for offering such a terrific resource website!

It needs to be dry for the application, and can get wet as soon as itis complete. this is one of my favorite systems.

We work in King County. If you are concerned about quality then it would be a wise decision to refer the seller to:

Leak Chasers Roofing
206 551 6759
license #LEAKCCR943NG

I would love to look at the roof and discuss your options with you. Call me and we can get this handled swiftly. I would not suggest installing ANY roof system during inclement weather unless there is a tent or tarp to work under.


Sam Bailey

i would make a deal for them to just knock off whatever off the price of house and contract the job out yourself.

you want to be the one the roofer deals with.

and ditto the other replys , SFS and Aaronb